South Asheville

Cheshire Feb2006 136

South Asheville is a part of town that’s seeing a huge explosion of growth. South of town is home to a number of communities, including Biltmore Forest, Biltmore Park, Skyland, Arden, and Fletcher. Sidewalks aren’t so common in this part of town, but there is a wide array of services including grocery, entertainment, restaurant, schools, parks, etc. This part of town is home to the famed Biltmore Estate and the historic Biltmore Village, which was designated a local historic district by the Asheville City Council in 1987, and in 1990 by the U.S. Department of Interior.

Biltmore Forest:
This is one the highest average home value neighborhoods in Asheville. Biltmore Forest was incorporated in 1923 and was established by Edith Vanderbilt. Once part of the Biltmore Estate, Biltmore Forest is now home to beautifully wooded estates and amazing architecture. Feel welcome to drive through; the community doesn’t have any gates or guard houses, though it does have its own privately funded Police Department.

Who are your neighbors?    This is a traditional old-money neighborhood. The average income for a family in 2013 was over $165,000. Home to doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

Biltmore Park:
Located further South, Biltmore Park is another explosive growth area in recent years. The community offers a wide range of new construction homes from affordable community associations to Mansion-esque estates. Enjoy the conveniences of a city center alongside beautiful mountain views, forests, and waterways. Biltmore Park is a highly walk-able area with tons of biking options as well.

Who are your neighbors?    Newer families, young business-people, white-collar employees, and a growing set of out-of-townees/retirees.

In the most southern part of South Asheville, Skyland and Arden have their own libraries and Fire Department, though both still use the Asheville Police Department and Buncombe County Sheriffs. Glen Arden Elementary School has been one of the top two elementary schools in North Carolina for the past 7 years. Located about 10 miles South of Asheville, Skyland and Arden feature a number of charming restaurants, shopping options, and recreational facilities (parks, pools, etc.). The area home to Lake Julian, which is being used by Duke-Progress Energy to cool its hydroelectric power terminals. The adjoining park which wraps around the lake is run by Buncombe Country Parks and Rec. and features fantastic boating, fishing, picnic, and hiking options. These areas are just minutes from the Asheville Airport but have been relatively unaffected by the overall growth of the region in the past decade.

Who are your neighbors?    Mostly locals with family history in the area. This tends to be a cost-efficient place to call home for Asheville’s blue-collar and service workers who want to stay away from the hustle of bustle of town.