North Asheville


North Asheville is a beautiful area which has remained relatively unchanged amidst the growth, decline, and re-growth of Asheville in recent decades.  Where other areas (South Asheville, for example) have changed dramatically thanks to recent explosions of growth, North Asheville has managed to keep its ‘old-time’ style and charm.

Montford is a wonderful mix of beautifully restored homes, bed and breakfast establishments, and a history which is closely tied to Asheville’s pre-Depression era.  At the turn of the 20th century, Montford was one of the premiere destination neighborhoods; home to the doctors, lawyers, and top-tier businessmen of the day.  The majority of the homes in Montford were built between 1890 and 1920 (many were designed by the same architect who designed the Biltmore House).  Most homes vary in style from Victorian, Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Colonial Revival, and the occasional castle-like motifs.  Following the Great Depression in the late 1920’s, much of the Montford area fell into neglect.  That has changed in recent decades, however, as folks have done amazing restoration work on these older-style homes.  Montford is an especially sought after neighborhood thanks in large part to its proximity to Downtown Asheville, its wide sidewalks enabling easy strolls into town for work or entertainment.  Montford was listed in the National Register of Historic places in 1977 and was designated a local historic district in 1981.

Who are your neighbors?    A fun assortment of artists, bohemian hippies, young liberal professionals, hip do-it-yourselfers and retirees.

Lake View Park / Beaver Lake:
Lake View Park is a residential neighborhood in North Asheville. Known for its beauty and rich history, this community consists of 485 homes surrounding Beaver Lake and the nearby Park. The beauty of the lake, proximity to Downtown Asheville, varied architecture, gentle topography, mature trees, and meandering roads all make this a choice community. The focal point of Lake View Park is Beaver Lake, a small man-made lake created in the 1920’s and financed by the residents of the community (the City of Asheville has no ownership in, nor takes management of, the Lake). There are ample walking trails and a Bird Sanctuary which is open to the public.

Who are your neighbors?    Younger families headed up by white-collar dads and PTO moms, along with a growing set of retirees.

Grove Park Neighborhood:
The Grove Park Inn was built in 1913 by St. Louis pharmaceutical giant Edwin W. Grove.  It’s the landmark of the neighborhood known as Grove Park.  Shortly after this architecturally iconic inn (built from enormous granite boulders and giant wooden beams, garnished with its trademark red roof) was completed, a number of Tudor Revival-style homes sprang up on the area’s woodsy streets.  Typical lot sizes for most homes in the area around ½ acre; many of these homes have amazingly distinctive architectural details such as pebbledash stucco combined with cedar shake and intricately patterned windows.  The neighborhood can be quite pricey, but in exchange for this high price comes charm, elegance, and an amazing location full of character.

Who are your neighbors?    Established families in upper income brackets, executives who work near Downtown, and an ever-increasing set of retirees seeking the cool weather and lower humidity of the mountains.

Nestled along the banks of the rustic French Broad River, Woodfin is a community in North Asheville (farther North than Beaver Lake) that accomplishes the difficult task of providing a ‘small town’ quality of life while also offering big city amenities.  Woodfin is known for its friendly people, decent availability of jobs, locally run mom-n-pop style restaurants, and beautiful scenery, all just minutes from Downtown Asheville.  Be careful with your driving speed; Woodfin has a small police department but they are quick to issue citations!

Who are your neighbors?    A great blend of locals who enjoy living just outside the City Limits and out-of-towners or retirees seeking much the same.  Everyone comes together over a good cup of coffee at the local diner.