Efficient Property Management

EfficiencyProperty Management: You might expect, in an industry with so many associations and educational forums, that there are best practices that would lead to common time metrics on simple every day procedures, right?  You would be wrong.

Not all property management companies are created equal, nor do they run at the same levels of efficiency.  I’ve worked with plenty of Property Managers on common operational tasks, like collecting rent.  Some companies have employed tactics that make them up to twice as efficient as others, while providing a higher level of service to their owners and residents.

What you as an owner or investor need to remember is that time is money.

So why don’t many property managers treat their time like they treat their money?  Lots of reasons, mostly pertaining to lack of initiate, fear of change, or, as is often the case, someone well-meaning has just gotten ‘set in their ways’.

Our industry changes all the time.  We as property managers can either be early adapters of new technologies and procedures, or get left on the sidelines.  So how are we making better use of our and others’ time?

  • PayLease – residents and owners can make payments directly through our website.  That covers everything from paying rent or late fees, additional deposits, funding a reserve, etc.
  • SnapInspect – we use mobile app technology to efficiently prepare and process move-in and move-out walk-throughs.  It’s as simple as clicking a button to get an email-ready report for an owner or tenant.
  • DocuSign – we use an electronic signing service for our leases and management agreements.  If you’re a tenant who has a significant other in a different state, we have a solution to get leases signed quickly.  Owner in another state?  We can sign all the management paperwork securely and remotely.
  • Drop-Box – all of our documents, from policies, to forms, to leases are automatically externally backed up on a continual basis.
  • SEO/Marketing – we use a complex marketing system and top-level SEO to get exposure for our owners and provide superior availability for our valued tenants.
  • Online Applications – tenants apply and pay for their applications directly through our website.  No more paperwork and no more delays.
  • ACH Funding – we fund owners via ACH deposit for fast and easy funding.

Are you an owner who believes in our process and wants to give us the opportunity to earn your long-term business?  Please explore our website, read our Owners Page, or call (828) 712-9856 to speak with a Property Manager today!

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