Really Good Moving Tips

MoversUnless you’re one of the few people blessed with an overabundance of patience, you probably dislike moving.  Being somebody who has moved clear across the Country and back in recent years with a Rottweiler and a temperamental cat, I empathize with you.  If there’s one thing I learned (the hard way), organization is key.  It’s the key to feeling secure in not forgetting important items, and it’s the key to traveling in comfort by ensuring you have all the items you may need within arms reach.  Let’s do our best to keep the process painless – here are 10 great tips and resources to get you started!

 1. Use a checklist to stay organized!  You can download a FREE checklist from our website – click here to open/print.

2. Make a moving plan.  Before you even start to pack, go ahead and create a layout of your new home on paper.  Write down each room you will be moving boxes into, and then use those same names when labeling boxes.  This will save you time on the back-end.

3. Start Early.  As soon as you decide to move, start going through your closets and build a “garage sale” pile and a “donate” pile.

4. Use garbage bags to cover and keep clothes clean.  They come in a multitude to sizes and will help clothes stay on the hangers.  Simply put a hole in the bottom of the bag and pull the hanger through, then tie a knot in the bottom.

5. Store items inside large bowls and pots.  You can store your spices in the crockpot and dry baking goods in otherwise empty pots.  As a general tip, always be thinking about how to maximize the use of your space.

6. Use a phone book or packing paper to wrap your dishes and breakables.  Line your breakable boxes with bubble wrap and towels as well.  You can’t really have too much padding.  The more tightly you can get items to fit inside the boxes, the less likely they are to break in transit.

7. Place foam plates between your glass plates/breakables to protect them.

8. Label and condense. Only keep what you really need and use.  Take a hard look at the items you can live without and then find them a new home.

9. When in doubt, tape it.  Make sure all your boxes are well-secured!  There is nothing worse than the bottom of a heavy box opening while you’re carrying it upstairs, spilling your items all over the place.

10.  Label your boxes appropriately.  Use the room in your new home that the boxes will be going into,  Post it notes and tape work great.  Mark boxes fragile if needed.  Taking extra time to do a good job labeling your boxes will be well worth it.

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