Our Pet Policy

Iron Creek Properties is Asheville’s #1 “No Breed or Weight Restrictions” Property Management Company.

We strive to offer truly non-restrictive pet-friendly rental properties where possible.  There are times when we are unable to accept some or all pets at one of our listed properties.  That’s generally due to a policy that supersede our own (i.e. homeowners association).  Those properties will be clearly marked as ‘no pets allowed’.

Our belief is that the ownership and conditions under which a pet are raised make a larger impact on behavior/aggression than its breed.  There are aggressive dogs of all sizes and weights (looking at you, chihuahua).  Joking aside, we heavily enforce the following 5 rules and will not make an exception under any circumstances.

1. Your pet must be loved and cared for as a member of your family would be.
We prohibit the chaining of dogs in the yard for extended periods of time. Pets must demonstrate that they abide by basic commands and react in a non-agressive manner in public encounters. If a pet bites anyone while living in one of our properties without good cause, the tenants will be given 72 hours to permanently remove the pet or be in violation of their lease agreement. In effect, if you think your pet would bite our maintenance man when he comes for a scheduled repair, do not apply for one of our properties.

2. Your pet must be spayed or neutered unless otherwise permitted.
By law, all cats and dogs must be fixed in Buncombe and Henderson County. The Owner of an unfixed pet must apply through their County of residence to receive an exception voucher. Our tenants must present this voucher to their Property Manager before applying, and make sure our office always has a current voucher on file. Check the resources section at the bottom of this page for additional information.

3. We require an in-person interview with all dogs regardless of weight or breed before accepting an application.
We require a 5 minute in-person pet interview with every dog before a tenant applies, and we enforce our policies fairly across the board. Biting is biting regardless of the size of an animals mouth, and the same goes for excessive barking. A pet interview generally consists of us meeting your pet(s) in a public place, making sure they look healthy and well cared for, and then giving them a cookie and scratch behind the ears. If you live in a multi-family property with other pets in the building, you can be assured we interviewed those pets and found them to be well behaved before moving them in.

4. You must provide us with your annual pet license(s) if the property you are renting is inside City limits.
You can visit the City website to learn more about the costs and process for applying. We’ve provided links in the resources section below. Tenants are responsible for keeping the license current and provided us with a current copy each year.

5. We ask for a reference letter from a former landlord or your current veterinarian.
To verify responsible ownership, applicants should provide a letter from their vet indicating the pet is routinely brought in for immunizations and checkups. A letter from a former landlord lets us know there weren’t noise complaints or excessive damage to the property.

Our Pet Deposit Schedule:

  • Dogs and cats require a $250 refundable deposit.  If your dog or cat doesn’t cause any damage during your tenancy, that deposit will be returned to you.  The deposit is increased to $300 if the pet is under 12 months in age.
  • We do not charge a pet rent or one-time fees.  There is no monthly cost associated with keeping a pet with Iron Creek Properties — that’s part of our pledge to be as pet-friendly as possible.
  • If your pet is a service animal, these rules and deposits do not apply to you.  Please call and speak with our Property Manager for additional information.


City of Asheville / Buncombe County Pet Licenses

Report a Missing Pet

Outside City Limits Animal Services